The state government is set to announce a plan to pay a $128 million upfront payment for NSW householders to help with the rising cost of energy. This amount is equal to approximately 10 years’ worth of rebates. This fund is expected to use for solar installations or solar up-gradation.

A third of NSW households who already receive a low-income energy rebate as part of their pensioner concession will be able to access the upfront payment of around $2,850 as part of this month’s budget. If households have access to gas, they will receive an additional subsidy of $110.

The state government estimates the array could save a household up to $600 a year, instead of the annual $285 low-income household rebate. For those homes not able to install solar, the government is offering access to $4,000 in-home appliance upgrades. “These include energy-efficient fridges, dryers, air conditioners and hot water systems, and upgrades such as window shading and draught sealing valued at up to $4000,” NSW Treasurer Matt Kean said.

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