Canadian Solar

    Dr. Shawn Qu established Canadian Solar at Ontario, Canada in 2001, with the aim of creating a better and cleaner earth for future generations by bringing electricity powered by sun worldwide. Today Canadian Solar is one of the third biggest solar companies in the world by revenue. It operates in 6 continents, with over 30 companies in 20 countries. It owns 617 patents worldwide and have more than 10,000 employers. It has a geographically diversified pipeline of utility-scale solar power projects in various stages of development. Over the past 19 years, Canadian Solar has successfully delivered over 40 GW of premium quality modules to customers in over 150 countries around the world.

      Canadian Solar Australia began in Sydney in 2011 as a subsidiary of Canadian Solar Inc. It has headquarters in Melbourne with warehouses in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Canadian Solar designs are optimised to achieve the best result and effective implementation. Canadian Solar Australia has over 50 employees from the country. They oblige with local requirements in terms of safety standards as well as electric codes and building codes. The cost of solar system installation is much lesser as they operate locally. Panels are delivered either directly by the company or by authorised dealer. Since it is delivered from their 4 warehouses across Australia there is not much of a waiting period. A combination of local knowledge and global solar expertise helps them meet the solar needs of Australia by simplifying the country’s access to solar with a unified service.

Main emphasis is on the cost effectiveness of PV projects. Premium quality of their product is assured, as it covers over 359 quality control points in the manufacturing process. They have a committed customer care, for before and after sales enquiry. They offer a standard 12-year product warranty on its panels with an extended 25-year linear power output warranty. Technological ingenuity is crucial in solar industry and no company understands this better than Canadian Solar. Audi, Hitachi, Ikea, PepsiCo, Tata, Samsung, Blackrock, Trans Canada are some of their customers who depend on them for reliable solar solutions

  1. Key Solar projects in Australia are:

    • Normanton Solar Farm – Normanton Solar Farm is based at Lilyvale, a remote tropical location. Developer Doug Scoller partners with Canadian Solar Australia for a 5 MW power station in Normanton, thus delivering around 9200MWh per year.
    • IKEA – Australia’s largest commercial PV project is owned by IKEA Australia and is developed by Canadian Solar Australia. Rooftop installations comprise 12,122 Canadian Solar PV modules. There is a total installation of 3.6 MW for IKEA in 3 Australian states.
    • Windsor Shopping Centre – Windsor River View Shopping Centre had their roof top installation developed by Canadian Solar Australia using CS6P-P250W Canadian solar PV modules. This supplies 140MWh for the first year with a guaranteed output of 80% over the next 25 years.
    • Tacca Industries – Industrial concerns of Tacca goes with Canadian Solar whose CS6P-P250W Canadian solar PV modules were installed which guarantees 260MWh for the first year and an 80% power output over 25 years.
    • Shell Harbour Shopping Centre – Shell Harbour Shopping Centre in New South Wales has selected a bid by Canadian Solar Australia and its partner Todae to install a 1.22 MW rooftop solar system. They expect the system with 4001 Canadian Solar 305W solar modules to generate ample green electricity.
    • International Convention Centre, Sydney – Canadian Solar has erected solar arrays on the roof of International Convention Centre Sydney to power the venue. More than 2000 Canadian Solar CS6P-260P-SD smart modules are used to generate the estimated first year output of 545MW hours of electricity.

          Canadian Solar Australia has signed Solar module agreements  with Gannawarra Solar Farm  in Victoria, Hayman and Daydream Solar Farms in Collinsville in  Queensland, Wellington Solar farm in NSW.

      Canadian Solar Australia has entered into a solar power purchase agreement (PPA) with Amazon.  As per the deal, solar power will be supplied from the company’s 146 MWp/ 110 MWac Gunnedah solar farm, which will reach commercial operation by 2021.  This agreement with Amazon is the company’s first PPA in New South Wales and marked its strategic entry into the large Australian consumer and industrial (C&I) PPA market.

       Canadian Solar is one of the most bankable companies in solar industry. Their market position, strong balance sheet and track record has made them a trusted long term partner. In the latest bankability survey conducted by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Canadian Solar was ranked as the No.1 most bankable module manufacturer by respondents based on product quality, reliability and trustable corporate reputation. PV-Tech also gave Canadian Solar an AA bankability rating, showing that the Company has managed to successfully pursue a dual manufacturing/downstream business.

        They have a strong financial position showing among the lowest leverage ratios and operating expenses in the industry. Theirs is an impressive track record of high performance, low maintenance and revenue generating solar systems. With R & D investment of over 600million USD, more than 400 global patents and strategic R& D partnerships with NREL, ECN & DuPont, Canadian Solar is a globally recognised innovator of the solar industry.

    For a country like Australia where people are ecologically aware and energy savvy, Canadian Solar will be a boon. They promise best prices, incredible performance and all round quality. As of March 31, 2020, the Company’s portfolio of utility-scale solar power plants in operation was 956 MWp with an estimated total resale value of approximately $830 million to Canadian Solar. They are well positioned for future. It is predicted to colossally grow it’s earnings per share by over 300% in the next 3 years. Canadian Solar is all set to take advantage of the increasing demand for solar energy production globally. Their big investments in Research & Development (R&D), patents as well as strategic partnerships ensure Canadian Solar’s place at the cutting edge of solar industry.

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