LG Chem RESU Battery

What is the Return of Investment of a LG Battery?

This is one of the most important questions to answer when considering whether to invest in a solar battery. For many Australians, you will find that the initial costs of purchasing and installing a solar battery are quickly paid back by the savings you will make on your energy bill. For maximum efficiency and compatibility, you can buy both LG Solar Panels and LG Chem Battery Systems. LG have a very detailed Return on Investment calculator on their website. You will need to consider your usage patterns (day or evening user), cycles per day, electricity rate and the overall cost of the installation.

Are they suitable for Australian Conditions?

Yes. All of their batteries are clean energy council approved. This means it has passed all the test for Australian Standards. Widely sold in Australia, LG Chem provides market leading batteries. It will be a surprise to no one that the climate in Australia can be extreme. We get very cold temperatures in Winter and very hot temperatures in Summer. With some products, this extreme change and gruelling conditions can deteriorate the components and impede the performance. As such, it is usually recommended that solar batteries are kept away from direct sun. LG Chem batteries have a wide range of operating temperatures.

Are LG Batteries compatible with ALL Inverters?

No. You will need install a Hybrid Inverter that is CEC approved and is compatible with the LG Chem Battery. Some batteries are only compatible with a very limited range of Inverters while others are compatible with many different Inverters. LG Chem batteries are compatible with many different Inverters including SMA, Fronius, GoodWe, SolaX and Growatt.

How much does the LG Chem Battery cost?

The LG Chem RESU 6.5 price will roughly cost you between $8,000 to $10,000 installed. This includes a hybrid Inverter. If you are in either South Australia or Victoria, you can get a really value. For the same money (or less) you can get a LG Chem RESU 10. Up to 50% of the purchase price of the installation will be given back to you buy either Solar Victoria or the South Australian Home Battery Scheme. In Victoria, it goes 1 step further. You can also get a 0% interest loan over 5 years. Not in those states? Well unfortunately your paying full price. Not sure what Battery is best for you? Our local Solar Run Franchise can do a details LG Battery Review for you.

Are they VPP (Virtual Power Plant) ready?

Yes. LG Chem batteries are a great choice if you are considering signing up to a VPP (Virtual Power Plant). A VPP, for those not familiar with the term, allows many solar systems to act together as a power plant. Collectively a VPP can then store power when it is cheap and sell it when the price is higher more effectively than a single solar system owner. VPPs are not yet common but being “VPP ready” is a must to claim the South Australian Battery Scheme.

Is it an expandable Battery System?

Yes. It is one advantage of not having an ALL IN ONE battery storage system like a Sonnen or Tesla. As opposed to a single unit with everything you need, the LG Chem battery is expandable. So the LG Chem is a battery system that you can simply add more to, as long as your Inverter allows it. This provides the opportunity to upgrade and enhance as new technology and products are released.

What is the LG Chem Battery Warranty?

LG Chem Batteries come with a 10 year product warranty. This is a crucial benefit for those concerned about the the LG Battery’s price. As such, the Performance Warranty is worth reviewing in detail. There are 2 parts to this warranty and it whatever comes first

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