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Anyone who owns a home is a candidate for solar – especially those who pay high energy bills. Consider your:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Neighbors
  • Colleagues
  • Customers

There are qualities that make some homes and homeowners especially great candidates for solar. These include:

  • Abnormally high energy bills
  • Exposed roofs – no shading or other sun-blocking elements
  • Harsh climates – hot summers and cold winters that require frequent A/C and heater usage
  • Energy-sucking appliances and features, like pools, hot tubs, saunas, etc. 

That said, it’s our job to help homeowners evaluate their solar potential – when in doubt, send referrals our way, and we can help the homeowner determine whether or not it makes sense for them to consider solar.

  • Start with your own solar experience – talk about the benefits you’ve seen, such as lower energy bills, less concern about running the A/C in the summer, etc. If you’ve had a great experience, your friends and family will likely be interested in learning more about how they can get a similar experience for themselves. 

Many people are unfamiliar with the financial benefits of going solar – in many cases, the perception is that going solar is a luxury purchase. Explaining the fact that going solar can save homeowners money is a great way to get the conversation started. Homeowners who go solar often see lower payments for electricity from Day One, and the long-term financial benefits are almost always significant. 

When speaking with a new potential customer, our energy consultants often start by asking one of two simple questions:

  • Have you ever thought about going solar before?
  • What got you interested in going solar?

This gives people the opportunity to answer in a way that illustrates their own motivations to consider going solar. It’s a great way to start the conversation with prospective referrals, too. 

Unfortunately, this program is only for our existing clients.