Geographically, Australia has proximity to the equator and the country receives enormous sunshine. According to Geoscience Australia, Australia has the highest solar radiation per square meter of any continent and consequently some of the best solar energy resources including solar panels in the world. Australia receives an average of 58 million PJ of solar radiation/year, approximately 10 000 times larger than its total energy consumption.

 But solar power sector was an untapped market in Australia for a very long time. The government rebates, affordable technologies and cost-effective methods helped Australia to commercialize solar panel industry.

 2015 was the golden year when a considerable shift in the energy sector was noticed. Australian consumer market gained more awareness and knowledge about solar power and installations increased.

All solar energy systems vary according to size and applications. The system mainly comprises of solar panels, inverters. Basic residential systems are mounted on the rooftops across Australia. When the sun rays hit the panels, photons from the rays are converted into DC electricity. The Direct Current goes to the Inverters and it gets converted into Alternating current and energizes the household devices.

Now, over 10GW has already been installed in Australia so far with an average installation of 1.2 GW every year. The steady development of novel device concepts, materials and fabrication processes by leading companies has helped to reduce the price and to increase the quality of the systems in Australia. German solar systems and European solar inverters are mostly sought out in the country due to betterment in quality.

Australia is on the track of achieving 50% of electricity from Renewable resources by 2030. Our future clearly depends on deployment of solar energy. Developing technologies, rebates, and utility companies adapting to solar consumers are all supportive developments in the field of Solar.


Residential solar energy is a Smart Investment within affordable range and helps beating the ever-rising power bills. Whether you have a classic Queenslander, Victorian, ranch-style home or a modern castle, the sleek and low-profile panel designs always adds beauty to your rooftops.

Increase your property value

Houses with Solar have higher property value. You live in your house, enjoying lower electricity bills, and while selling, you are expected to have an increased property value making it a great return on investment. “Investing in solar is like investing in your home”. Through solar panel installations in Brisbane, the value of your house will increase considerably

Low maintenance

Solar panels require minimal maintenance. They come with a product warranty of 10 – 15 years and performance warranty of 25 years and most of the inverter comes with 10-year warranty. Sustain solar panel systems in Brisbane offers 10-year Workmanship warranty. This saves you both time and money.

High return on Investment

The life span of solar power system is 25 years. Within the first 4 years, you get the return on investment, making payback period lesser.


Solar is a clean alternative to fossil fuels, it’s reliable, non-polluting, and great source of renewable energy. It’s a great way to reduce carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. It’s an amazing solution for global warming. Join sustain solar in the mission to reduce carbon footprint in the world by installing the best solar panel systems in Brisbane.


Start reducing your electricity bill

When you go solar in Brisbane by installing our unique residential solar energy power systems, your monthly electricity-bill will decrease considerably, enabling you to instantly save a ransom on the same. Carbon-free power generation happens in your home with Solar. The size of the system determines the quantity of power generation at your home. Even if your system does not produce 100% energy your house consumes, you still will be able to reduce your electricity bill. An average household saves $2160 annually in Brisbane through solar panel systems.

Protect your family against rising electricity cost

Residential electricity rates have risen by nearly 60% since 2000. This trend will continue an upward trajectory for the coming years, due to rising fuel costs for power plants and billions of dollars invested to clean up the related environmental issues. Therefore, adapting to solar you can protect yourself and family against variable electricity costs. Sustain solar power systems in Brisbane will protect you from the same.



At sustain, efficient service is the face of our company. Right from the first point of contact where the customer makes a phone call or sends an email, we begin to take care of your solar power system requirements in Brisbane. Our expert consultant from our team will get in touch with you and answer all your questions. From there, we take care of all your needs right from the system design to installation. With our flexible payment options and high-quality local service, it’s never been better to go Solar. We make the process easiest.

1  In-home Consultation

We come to your home to detail the process, pricing, system selection and clarify any questions you may have about installing solar panel systems in Brisbane. All done free of cost and no obligation.

2 Site Assessment

Our engineers will evaluate all the aspects for your system.

3  System Agreement

Evaluating all aspects for your house, we will share the final figures with what to expect for performance and price. With your approval, then we go for Installation at your house.

4  Permits & Designs

Our engineers finalize your architectural and electrical plans and will apply for all permits for installation.

5  Installation & Online monitoring

We install on a mutually agreed date and mostly finish off within one day. After installation, we do a final quality inspection on all the aspects, before making the system go live.
You can monitor system’s output and performance at every moment along with records of data for entire duration.

6  Savings

Now you are officially a proud owner of high-efficient solar energy system in Brisbane. Please enjoy the savings and green energy. If you have any concerns, we are locally accessible and are ready to fix anything that goes away.

Residential Solar Energy System in Brisbane

We have packed our residential solar energy systems with advanced technology, superior products, unrivaled performance, and system warranty and with a sense of beauty.

We use premium Monocrystalline panels engineered to withstand harsh conditions providing excellent output and efficiency. Our Inverter brands are designed with state-of-the-art technology that maximizes energy production. Our residential solar power systems in Brisbane feature some of the most efficient models in the market with high-class output


Using gadgets while Solar system is operating

We are now accustomed to using gadgets at all times of the day and night. But if you want to reap maximum benefit out of the solar system installation, remember to maximize the use while the solar system is running efficiently. You can charge devices and operate machinery that requires enormous power consumption during the day.

Purchasing energy efficient appliances

When you purchase electronic appliances, try to buy the appliances with higher star ratings. If you seek to buy lower quality products, eventually they will make you spend more than what you had in mind at the time of purchase.

Turning on Air conditioner and heater only when needed

We are used to turning on the Ac in summer and heater in winter at all times. It is not the energy efficient consumption process. You must take care to switch on these appliances only when it is absolutely necessary.

Windows with Shades will restrict much heat to enter home - reducing the air condition usage

Air conditioners produce chloroflurocarbons that causes holes in the ozone layer, resulting in increased global warming. Hence it is important to reduce the use of air conditioners in buildings, whether it is residential or commercial.

Opting energy efficient lightings

We know that there are multiple kinds of lights that are available in the market. Even when you choose for fancier lights, check for energy efficiency in them before you buy it.

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