Solar Trees grow in Townsville

Townsville in North Queensland is set to receive two new ‘solar trees’ as part of a beautification project designed to connect the city’s new stadium precinct with its CBD as the regional city looks to boost its economic recovery from the impacts of Covid-19.

Townsville in North Queensland is set for two stunning new tourist attractions, two ‘solar trees’. 

‘Solar trees’ are highly effective beautification projects because of their naturally sublime multi-functionality. Not only is a solar tree a technological rendering of nature but a promotion of solar technology and an architectural and beneficial complement to any locality. 

Of course, essentially, a ‘solar tree’ is a tautology, for all trees are solar-powered. But it seems unnecessary to nullify the term considering solar power is our planet’s first principle energy in all regards. 

The two ‘solar trees’, to be installed at the North Queensland Stadium precinct, will range from 8-to-12 metres tall and stand along Ross Creek between North Queensland Stadium and Townsville city centre. One of the two trees is a ‘rain tree’ providing an interactive water feature. 

The placement of the solar trees is crucial, Central Park links the new stadium precinct to the CBD, meaning that the visually beautiful and enticing solar trees will attract and slake the thirsts of locals and tourists headed in each direction. 

Queensland (QLD) Treasurer Cameron Dick today announced $6.5 million in state funding for the beautification project, and Townsville City Council is throwing in an additional $1.5 million. 

Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill believes these state funds are a direct injection into the local economy and will provide a huge boost to the region’s economic recovery. Moreover, Hill notes that the attraction itself is perfectly suited. “This is a completely unique attraction that is perfect for our region thanks to using solar power to run,” said Hill. “It will encourage those visiting the stadium to make the walk to the CBD just to experience such a beautiful visual show.

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