SolarEdge was founded in 2006 at Israel by Guy Sella and his team.  With a focus on innovation, SolarEdge creates smart energy solutions by leveraging world-class engineering capabilities.  Today, SolarEdge is a Global Leader in Smart Energy Technology with successful projects spanning 130 countries across 5 continents. Since 2010 they have shipped over 2 million inverters and over 45 million power optimizers across the world. They have made an estimated supply of 3.4 GW of inverter systems so far.

    Headquartered in Israel, and with manufacturing facilities in Canada and China, SolarEdge design and manufacture inverters, power optimizers, and storage solutions for its diversified installations in residential, commercial and utility-scale sectors. With highly efficient and knowledgeable PV project teams in the industry, their designs are optimised to achieve the best result and effective implementation.

     The SolarEdge Solar inverter is responsible for DC to AC inversion while MPPT and voltage management are handled by power optimizers separately for each module. It allows for maximum power production due to module-level maximum power point tracking (MPPT), and limits the effects of module mismatch caused by shading or degradation. Fixed string voltage ensures operation at the highest efficiency at all times (97% maximum efficiency), independent of string length and temperature. The company offers single-phase inverters with a rated AC power output of between 3,000 and 11,000 watts, as well as three-phase inverters with a rated AC power output ranging between 7,000 and 25,000

    DC optimised inverter solution developed by Solar Edge was a game changer. It changed the way power is harvested and managed in photovoltaic systems. SolarEdge intelligent inverter solution lowered the cost of energy production thus maximising the Return on Investment.

  In its attempt to advance smart energy, SolarEdge has diversified products offering energy storage and backup solution, EV charging, home energy management, grid services and virtual power plants, batteries and uninterrupted power supply (UPS) solutions.

 Sustainability being one of its core values, SolarEdge is in full agreement with international standards on quality and control, ethical conduct, and environmental protection. SolarEdge products and components undergo rigorous testing, and have been assessed in accelerated life chambers thus providing assured reliability. They have a committed customer care for before and after sales enquiry. They provide a standard 25-year power optimizer warranty and a 12-year inverter warranty which is extendable up to 20 or 25 years.

    A key element of the reliability strategy of SolarEdge is the use of proprietary application specific ICs (ASIC) in its products. In order to improve the reliability of electrical circuits, in SolarEdge products a large number of discrete components are replaced with a single ASIC designed specifically for the task at hand. For assuring the ASIC packaging is robust enough to handle the mechanical and electro-chemical stresses experienced over 25 years of daily thermal cycling ,extensive analysis and testing has been done.

   SolarEdge’s monitoring platform continuously tracks over a million installations across the world. Through immediate fault detection and alerts at the panel, string and system levels, it provide enhanced PV performance. Monitoring sensors and transmitters are built into the SolarEdge power optimiser and solar inverter. Measurement data is transmitted over the regular power lines. Hence no hardware or wiring is required.

Lots of residential and commercial buildings are powered by SolarEdge in Australia. It has been a constant presence in the top 5 inverter manufacturers in the country. They have completed over 3000 projects around Australia to date.

Key projects in Australia are:

 There is a significant growth in revenue and gross margin since its IPO on the NASDAQ in 2015.They keep up an impressive track record of high performance, low maintenance and revenue generating solar systems. They are bankable partners with major commercial and investment banks worldwide. Since 2015, SolarEdge has been generating sales that exceeded $100 million in revenue. Therefore, it is a strong and reliable stock for the investors to confidently invest on.

SolarEdge can be of perennial importance in helping meet Australia’s Sustainable Energy goals. Their products standout with their incredible performance, cost efficient systems and all-round quality. SolarEdge offers impressive warranties and excellent customer support through its Australian office.

 The company’s financial strength and stability, trustable corporate reputation, along with its cutting-edge technology, make it the preferred partner for industry-leading installers, integrators, and other energy market participants.  SolarEdge is well poised to lead in the solar industry with their technological ingenuity and superior product range.

 SolarEdge has taken many strategic moves to conquer the future Australian Energy Market.  The focal point being innovation, they invested heavily in research and development. Keeping an eye on future, SolarEdge makes and maintains many strategic partnerships around the globe to increase their outreach and thus to stick with their position as a global leader in the smart energy industry of Australia.

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