Solar battery storage system stores the excess energy produced by solar panels, to use in the nights, during unlikely weather conditions and during periods of blackouts. The system works in a way such that solar power supplies the load during the daytime and the batteries supply in absence of solar. Excess energy will be used for charging the batteries. Energy stored by this system is clean, green electricity which can be used 24/7.

The solar battery storage system will protect you from the spike in the electricity-bill, in times of energy blackouts and will help you to preserve your environment in a green manner.

Battery storage systems are the future of energy in homes. Adding a battery to your solar power system allows to improve self-consumption of the energy that you generate.

Solar power system with battery storage can help you make the maximum out of Sun.

Commercial systems can also be integrated with solar batteries to run without the support of main grids. Solar battery storage technology is developing at a tremendous pace and more innovations are being made in this regard.

Why Solar Storage ?

Generate & Store Energy

The electricity generated by solar panels is used to power your home, if your home doesn’t need that right away, it’s diverted to your solar battery storage for later usage.

Use Energy When Needed

You can use battery stored energy when your home demands more than what your solar panels can deliver on their own. This could be during nights, cloudy days or during blackouts.

Green Energy For Life

The combo of solar panels and battery will help you attaining energy independence. This will give benefits for the future years to come lowering your electricity-bills.


A solar battery storage system helps to save the power generated through solar panels to be stored for a future period of time.

Battery prices having dropped to 20% in the last year, battery storage systems for Australian market remains an attractive option.

In Brisbane solar power system market is still growing which shows a potential for solar battery systems as well. Let’s see what keeps the solar battery storage systems interesting in Brisbane!

Monetary Benefits

Saving money on power-bills is an attractive point of this system. Instead of exporting the excess solar energy to the grid for a meager feed-in tariff, solar battery can store it and use for a later time when production is scarce or nil. This will reduce the amount of electricity you buy from grid at a higher price, making significant savings.

Energy Backup for your home

The system provides power back up to your home. When load demand exceeds solar generation, batteries can assist with the remaining power as backup. Solar batteries provide backup power during grid outages. With batteries you have an incessant flow of electricity irrespective of what is happening at the grid.

Energy Independency

A solar battery storage system helps us to be energy independent as you don’t have to rely on the grid or energy retailers

Value investment

Do not pay for electricity – invest in your own system. Solar-Battery storage systems are fast becoming a smart investment for your home.

Price reduction than ever before

Battery prices has been dropping, this makes everyone opt for battery. This trend can bring down electricity-bills to an even further level.

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