Gone are the days of bulky and lackluster solar energy systems. Our latest systems are sleek, low-profile, and aesthetic giving outstanding performance and highest levels of efficiency. Unlike the traditional voluminous panels, the new designs will not bring eye rolls at your roof anymore. The new and advanced systems do not compromise in quality. They provide clean, sustainable and renewable energy to meet your energy consumption requirements through modern solar panel systems in Brisbane.

If you are committed to bring changes in the way you consume electricity by installing solar power systems in Brisbane, if you are concerned about the wellbeing of our planet, and if you are looking to do both at a profitable price, Sustain Solar provides you with a great opportunity. At Sustain Solar, we are committed providing our clients with lowest up-front cost and high-quality systems that will energize their home for decades.


24*7 Customer Service

Solar power system purchase in Brisbane does not end merely with the installation. It requires a long term association between the service provider and the client. We will take care of services offered before and after the system purchase.

We offer a 24/7 local support to our clients in Brisbane with the solar panel installation as we have a team of sales and technical staffs with highest knowledge and caliber.

Unmatched Onboarding process

We make your transition from traditional power to solar power easy & smooth. With a dedicated team of engineers, suppliers, installers, and customer service team, you will be constantly in the loop. We take care of the government regulations, paperwork and all the other headaches for you when we install solar panels in Brisbane so that the transition is a smooth process for our customers.

Brisbane based solar system provider

Being a Brisbane based company we are locally accessible at our office on all working days and we do 24/7 after sales support. You are welcome to walk into our office with any of your concerns. We also service in Sunshine coast & Gold coast from our Brisbane office.

Premium Products

We use industry specialized Tier 1 panels and Premium Inverters only in our installations. We use only the top brands which ensures quality, safety and unmatched warranty. We use SMSL (supplier Module Super League) solar panels and European inverters to offer the best quality installations in Brisbane.



Is your solar system down for days due to any service issue? Sustain Solar will compensate for the loss. Compensation will be based on the higher electricity bill you received as a result of system not working

Performance Report

We provide your Solar Performance report after 1 year from the date of installation. This will help you analyze if things are going as promised. It will also give you a chance to analyze the past consumption and plan the future consumption of energy in the buildings. After receiving the report, you can connect with our team of experts and consult to improve the performance of the solar power system in Brisbane.

Workmanship Warranty

All our solar panel system installers and designers in Brisbane are CEC accredited. We offer 10 years of workmanship warranty, which is the best in the industry.


Sustain Solar is formed by a group of great minds in the solar industry, with their vast experience in residential, commercial, and off grid solar market.

Stress-free Installations

We have an installation team of licensed and CEC accredited electricians. All installations are carried out by this elegant team. It is our way of corroborating safety to solar panel systems for our customers in Brisbane

Fixed Price Guarantee

We promise our customers a transparent deal. Once we sign up, there will be no more additions to it. i.e. there are “No Hidden Charges”. At sustain solar, we do not believe in overpricing or overcharging the clients before and after the solar system installation in Brisbane.

Sustain Solar makes it easy for you to switch into the world of clean and renewable energy, saving your energy bills and adding value of your home in Brisbane.

Sustain Solar quotes price inclusive of STC discount. It’s the final price of your system and there are “No Hidden Costs”. STCs reduce on the start of every year, so it’s best to purchase your solar package without delays to secure maximum amount. You can now avail STC without loopholes and additional paperwork when you install solar power systems in Brisbane.


We ask our customers for feedback at every step of the sales and installation process, on trusted sites like Google, Facebook, Product Review. Our motto is to offer premium products at an economy price.



Two types of rebates are offered by the State and Federal Government for Solar Installations.

  1. A rebate/discount while the initial purchase of the system
  2. The credit on the excess power generated by the solar and exported back to the grid, called as the “Feed In tariff”.
  • When a solar system is purchased, Small Technology Certificates (STC’s) are generated. 1 STC is created for every Megawatt of energy the solar system is expected to produce over the coming 11 years.
    A 6.6 kW system (approx 18 panels) will produce around 120mW worth of electricity over a 11-year period so you are entitled to 91 STC’s, which currently trade for around $38 each. This means you receive approx. $3500 in assistance when you purchase a 6kW Solar system.

The excess electricity produced by your solar system will be exported to your local grid. Your electricity retailer will be buying this energy from you on a rate fixed by them and they will be giving  you credit on your electricity bill.

Accessing Solar

The Feed In tariff and Small Technology Certificates (STC’s) is available to all commercial and residential buildings

  • Generally Planning approval is not required. A planning approval is only required for the properties governed by Strata agreement or if its heritage listed.

North facing roofs are the best location for the absolute energy production. However, panels can be installed on the roofs facing from east to west directions. So, don’t worry if you don’t have a north facing roof.

Solar systems can be installed in a flat roof or on tilting frames. A slight pitch is recommended to allow for water runoff and cleaning.

The system size needed for one’s house depends on several factors like:
  1. How many panels can be able to fit in the roof
  2. Depending on your usage and budget, small size systems won’t give you much result if your usage is higher
  3. If you intend to have a bigger family in future and spending most of the time at home, then its recommended to go for bigger sized systems.

We generally finish off our installations in about maximum of 2-3 weeks from the approval date.

How Solar Works?

The basic working of the solar energy system is by converting the sunlight into usable energy for your home. When the sunlight hit the panels, they generate Direct Current (DC), this DC goes into the inverter which converts this DC into Alternating Current (AC) which can be used in your home.

  • Generally, grid connected solar energy system consists of the following parts
    1. Solar Panels: The Panels are kept on the roof tops and they convert the sunlight into DC electricity and feed this DC into the Inverter.
    2. Inverter: The DC electricity produced from the panels reaches the inverter and then gets converted into AC electricity here, which energizes your home appliances.
    3. Bi-Directional meter: This meter records the energy taken from and sent back to the grid.
    4. Balance of System: This consists of the Mounting frames, cables, Circuit breakers, Isolators.

Yes. The Solar energy system produces electricity during the daytime which energizes your home and the excess electricity gets exported to your grid. The solar energy system does not work in the night-time, so currently you need electricity from the grid.

Yes. Additional panels may be added to your systems if you have a larger capacity inverter. If your inverter does not support the larger system, then an additional inverter can be installed near to the existing ones.

The output of the solar energy system depends on various factors listed below:

Solar panel Orientation: North is the best location for maximum solar production as this position receives sunlight throughout the day. If not, north we need split the panels in the west and east sides of the roof for optimum production. Installing panels in South direction is not recommended.

Roof Pitch: A roof pitch of 30 degree is optimal for solar generation.

Weather: Australia is blessed with one of the best weathers in the whole world for solar generation. Cloudy weather will have effect on the solar generation.

Shading: Shading of the panels will always influence the solar generation, so its always recommended to install panels where there is no shading.

You will be receiving bill/statement from your energy retailer. If you have exported more units to the grid than you have used from the grid, then you will be getting credits from your electricity retailer, in this case you don’t have to pay them. This credit amount will be mentioned in all your electricity bill/statement.

If your electricity consumption is not covered entirely from your solar then you will receive bill only for the units, you have used. The excess amount of exported electricity will be shown as credit in your bill.

No. If the voltage from the grid drops below a certain level, the inverter will shut down and will be running only once the certain voltage is fed into it from the grid. This is a requirement as the Electricity workers could be electrocuted if the solar is exporting energy to the grid while people are working.

The Product

The solar panels have warranty up to 12-15 years and Inverters up to 10 (5 +5) years. Sustain Solar only offers the top premium brands in the world.

Yes, Sustain Solar provides 10 years of workmanship warranties for all our installations. All our installers are Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited

Yes, the system can be insured. Contact your insurer for further details.

The old spinning meters must be replaced with new digital meters. If you already have digital meter at home, it needs to be reconfigured to make it solar compatible.

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